Have you matched your present ability

to a realistic plan of action?

YouTube Video: Goal setting for learners of Medical English


...first sit down and calculate the cost...

B. Where do I want to get to?

- What is your dream?

- Do you have specific goals?

- Do you have a plan?

A. What is my starting point?

- How is your General English?

- Have you tested yourself? *

- How is your Medical English?

*Self-test your CEFR level - click here

A. to B. What will it cost me?

Are you, and others important to you, ready for what this learning requires of you? E.g., How much... money monthly? time each week?

Please ask me, before buying, if you have questions about a course or product.

Choosing a course: Guidelines

1. There is no gain for you in starting A COURSE if you are not able to make time for it.

2. COURSES are often time-limited (= you have to finish on time). However, you may be able to pay for an extension (= more time).

3. If you carefully choose A COURSE that is the correct one for you, you are likely to reach your goal more quickly.

4. Taking A COURSE gives you specific goals. These goals are given by THE COURSE timetable

They help you focus and move forwards.

5. Before buying any English COURSE, try to find out if you have the level of English needed to understand THE COURSE from the start.

Progress Charts for learning Medical English

structured using CEFR* levels

Locate where your are now

in relation to your desired goals

Chart 1: My English Language Goals

                 including Medical English

Chart 2: My Career Goals

                 requiring Medical English


My English Language Goals

including Medical English

Find out

a) where your at the moment

b) the next step to your goal.

CHART 2: My Career Goals

requiring Medical English

Find out

a) where your at the moment

b) the next step to your goal.


  1. CEFR = Common European Framework of Reference for Language Teachers. This framework is designed to focus on practical use of the language in everyday situations. CEFR avoids expressing language skill according to student’s ability to pass a test. Instead, CEFR grades language ability in terms of a person’s ability to communicate with other people in the activities of daily life and work. Links to free CEFR Tests
  2. OET = Occupational English Test  OET is for Healthcare Professionals. With OET Medicine, job-seeking Doctors generally require a result of B or higher in all 4 exam areas (Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing) . In OET Nursing, grade requirements vary between countries and according to job roles.
  3. OET exams: In an assessment of students by Naric (enic.org.uk) in 2021, student papers for students taking OET in different specialities assessed to be CEFR levels B1-C2. Those at the highest scores in the OET demonstrate the exceptional accuracy and key subskills that are associated with CEFR level C2.
  4. Job offers: Passing OET, even with good grades, does not guarantee your dream job. Working in another country will require obtaining a job offer that matches your medical qualifications and experience.


OET exam-accepting countries

Listed alphabetically









New Zealand





United Arab Emirates

United Kingdom

United States of America


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